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Bonding is a broad term that can make the difference in the failure or success of a product line. With all of the options available, and the potential merging of several methods together, Allertex can assist in the development of efficient and unique techniques. Whether it’s Needle Punch, Thermobond, Chemical Bond, Laminating, Infra-Red, Radio Frequency, or any combination, Allertex offers the best equipment in the market.

Our Brands:

Technoplants has designed an high efficiency thermal bonding oven. The FHR heat recovery system, allows an additional energy saving that reduce significantly oven consumption. The machine has a perfect cross air control that allows an homogeneous bonding through the width, in a wide range of fan speed. The independent air management allows to blow hot air from top to bottom, from bottom to top or from both directions, to satisfy every production need. The air through bonded oven is especially designed for light weight products (20 to 150 gsm) required in the hygiene market as Acquisition Distribution Layer. Air heating can be direct gas or with heat exchanger to fit every customer working conditions.


Today’s market requires Faster and Quality performing Cross Lappers, we have used the latest Technology to design our simple and reliable machines. Our lappers can be accept up to two webs from one card, or even up to four webs from two opposite cards (two each). The technological level of Tectex/Automatec lapper is in the end extremely advanced. The machine can be equipped with several features to accommodate the different type of fiber used. We can also CUSTOMIZE the Lappers to meet your particular production requirements.

TSI is the result of a handcraft tradition which dates back to the second half of the 19th century and of a constant technical and entrepreneurial evolution. We offer industrial brushes for velour processing, textiles, paper and cardboard.

Fiberflon® is a world class manufacturer and preferred supplier of PTFE (Teflon) and silicone coated fabrics, pressure sensitive tapes and belting products committed to providing its customers with superior value and quality through technical innovation and engineering experience. Since 1988, FIBERFLON with a young dynamic structure has been actively engaged in finishing and coating of advanced fabrics like Glass, Kevlar®, Nomex® with fluoropolymers. We offer service through our own offices or via a strong network of experienced distributors

RF Systems is the world leader in development, engineering, manufacturing and after-sale services related to radio frequency equipment. Their expertise is especially active in the design and manufacturing of dryers for the textile, nonwovens, and composites industries. RF Systems works in more than 50 countries and owns the widest portfolio of patents related to radio frequency.

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