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Many companies offer this type of equipment, but the partners of Allertex are time proven innovators at every level. The degree of simple and functional electrical and mechanical automation has helped numerous customers to cut overhead and waste. No other company can offer the wide range of technologies found at Allertex. Many of these methods can be retrofitted into existing process lines with an immediate increase in profit margin. Let us help you develop a system that changes the landscape for your company.

Our Brands:

Technoplants has designed an high efficiency thermal bonding oven. The FHR heat recovery system, allows an additional energy saving that reduce significantly oven consumption. The machine has a perfect cross air control that allows an homogeneous bonding through the width, in a wide range of fan speed. The independent air management allows to blow hot air from top to bottom, from bottom to top or from both directions, to satisfy every production need. The air through bonded oven is especially designed for light weight products (20 to 150 gsm) required in the hygiene market as Acquisition Distribution Layer. Air heating can be direct gas or with heat exchanger to fit every customer working conditions.


Specialized in winding, slitting, roll handling and packaging. The product range includes automatic knives positioning systems, automatic core cutting and shaft handling systems, and multifunctional lines with printing capability. A.Celli Nonwovens offers a comprehensive range of master roll winders and slitter-rewinders featuring state-of-the-art solutions customized to spunbond, spunmelt, spunlace and airlaid nonwovens roll goods production with a special focus on lightweight fabrics and high speed production.

Siltex is an Italian company specialized in design and manufacturing of machinery and lines for coating, impregnating, laminating, and printing of technical textiles, nonwovens, and composites at a very competitive price. Our services include a full range of custom-engineered machinery designed to meet the most stringent industrial requirements.


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